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Good Night, Tomorrow (Mint Records​/​Dirt Cult Records)


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Good Night 02:20
Good night Allison it’s been so long. Tried to send a letter got the address wrong. Stars explode over Southwood Plantation Road while the rain falls heavy on my coast. Good night Allison I gotta say. My worst intentions get the best of me. May you run and roam. Never missing home or the one that I know you hate the most. Good night Allison it’s time to go. But there’s just one thing that I hope you know. You’ll rise and fall with the best of them all and I’ll still fall asleep in all my clothes.
Violet 03:22
The palest eyes shit through boredom. OK one more drink and we’re out of here. Sleep a little longer but just keep waking up the same. Another head, another bed, another heart, and another year. Just waiting for the winter. Just waiting for September to fall and take us all down with it. The safest lies make the morning. A little guilt and a little fear. Bad dreams we’ll remember. The slowest silent sigh that carried you far away. Do you still sing the same songs every day? Do you still feel violet in the winter?
Still talking circles at 3am. Still not convinced of the shape we’re in. Start stop the bleeding in the morning light. Keep fighting the feeling until it’s gone. You said this nothing is all we got. I closed my eyes and tried to keep them shut. We’ll grace tomorrow but we’ll chase tonight. We’ll break ourselves up in the the places we’re stuck. And drag ourselves back to the bright. I’m all for heartbreak. I’m all for pain. I’m all bad nights and really good fights. I’m all for forgetting your name.
From grieve to groan. Crafting chemtrails across fairweather homes. From leaf to loam. There is something about being your own. The places where you loom have all but lost their bloom and dragged and dried. Carve a light. Through the pitches of October night. Wrong a right. Before the bastards make mercy their might. The places where you go. Are further than you know. And hard to hide. There’s nothing here but fun. For saints and never runs. With time and tide.
Sleep 03:04
Good enough is the hardest position but at least I got it made. It’s rough it’s the hardest position but at least I’m getting laid. That’s a lie I just keep all the neighbours awake on a Friday night. I don’t care because all I need is this porch and these broken stairs. When you’re stuck with all of these heroes that never gave a fuck. It’s fine because all of the greatest idols degrade in time. Like awake. Remember the best times you were the only fake. Pay no mind to all of the forgotten friends you’ve left behind. And just sleep. It’s all alright just get back tonight.
Miracle 04:03
Try to fix up. Try to do right. Drink a bad night away with your ghost. It’s a mix up but a good fight. For a dull life that crawls to the coast. And all the friends you’ve made cut a clear path to your grave. It’s a miracle. Try fix fix it. With a dull knife. For a short life that bleeds out too long. Try to hide out. Try and find out. Try to scrape up and get home to you. And all the words you spoke were emotionally broke. It’s just capital. Lie awake too long to a minor song.
Boil 03:18
Breathe and boil. Seethe and soil. Breathe and boil. Curse and toil. I guess I’ll say goodnight before the carbon takes the light. And your breath takes the room and the silence kills me. With red eyes seeking warm cast across a place less torn. Let’s make this short and sweet.
All The Same 03:47
Woke up on the wrong side it’s all the same. Hide hard from the daylight it’s all the same. Everyone has bad nights it’s all the same. But at least we’re doing alright it’s all the same. You were sitting in the back. Making plans for later and flirting heart attack. You were counting hours alone. A mix of bad behaviour and a two time broken home. Nothing makes you sick like lying in bed and waiting for life to quit. Nothing makes you go like lying awake in a house that’s not a home.
Those great escapes that we’ve tried to make have seemed to come between us now. Northern states might have come too late but we’ll just work this out somehow. Those eyes are the best that I’ve known. These lines are the farthest I go. When twists of fate never seem to take I end up feeling boring so. A three hour wait is a real heartbreak but I’ll call you in the morning though. I’ll try I just hate being home. It’s fine I’m just not good on my own. I’m pretty much the same. All pressure points and pain. Like everyone.
It don’t tale a lion to be better than me. There’s not much to watch on a broken TV. The phone won’t stop wringing for the hundred thousandth time and everyone keeps telling me you’re fine. There’s not much left. Just nothing and smoke. Crash the morning like the world’s oldest joke. The rain won’t stop pouring in that corner of my mind where everyone keeps telling me you’re fine. Maybe now you get why I hate going home. All empty space and that same fucking phone.
So long to simple days. Caught between catastrophe and hope. Lay low and pause to pray. For all the rain to wash to away the things that help us cope. There’s shaking to be done. Cower till the courtesy of night. Set in with sinking sun. Another course of counting all the second till the light. While you’re sleeping I’m making myself into something new. To stop from keeping you awake. It’s all I ever do. Just stop this now.
Tomorrow 03:08
Like some long lost loser I still got my ruts. I want to cross these mountains but I got no guts. The winter is back all cold and rain. Hitting hard hard against sycophants and window panes saying…Everything’s not fine. When every word hangs dead on the line. Everything’s not good. When you’re left alone with a curse of a life you could…Goddamnit I get it. Goddamnit I know. It’s hard to get somewhere with nowhere to go. Just sleep.


released June 30, 2017


all rights reserved


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